Marketing Strategies for the Digital Age

A bulk of Singaporean businesses cannot truly understand the dynamism of the net upon the everyday lives of its customers. As it becomes easier, more economical and faster by the day to access the web for advice, goods and services, these firms fall behind even farther. They are struggling to take advantage of this trend to expand their marketing reach and preserve a lasting advantage in the industry.

Implementations of digital media is in many cases more challenging for larger firms that already comfortably participate in conventional procedures. Recently, there was a situation in which a big corporation was suffering from enormous losses owing to a number of factors. Luckily enough, they daringly resorted to internet marketing so as to spare themselves from bankruptcy. This business is none aside from Unitec.

Unitec Once Held a Monopoly
With little or no competitors in the marketplace, Unitec once existed as a main player in the Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) market. Their shops were usually seen in virtually every key community, challenged only by little family run shops. But when March of 2010 rolled around, Unitec realized that it was fighting for certain reasons. A new CEO was appointed when the previous CEO tried and failed to introduce Unitec into international markets. Due to the employing of any top executive, numerous practices and processes needed revision. The restructuring process raked up some bills that compromised Unitec’s fiscal standing.

Moreover, the false notion that out-of-town shopping areas were losing popularity came into play. The biggest challenge stems from the rise of adversaries Valantir and Zenmix. These upstart retail chains are savvy with newer advertising locations. These people successfully took control of a niche target audience consequently gaining a foothold in the market. No matter whether a shopper was budget or quality aware, there was bound to be an appropriate retailer somewhere around to satisfy his or her requirements. Changes in general the way consumers behaved also meant that price points trumped repeat purchases caused by brand devotion. This particular development caused tension among Unitec’s key shareholders when their monetary stronghold began failing. A noticeable decrease of a tenth in profits triggered alarm bells to go off within the business.

The Appointing of a Technology Savvy Leader
Unitec’s new Chief Executive Officer at the time was a proponent of technological innovation and his appointment was part of the board’s decision to improve their on-line existence. Despite having a completely functional e-commerce store in place, they had to step up their game.

To kickstart the strategy, an in house digital marketing team was assembled by the new CEO. This was done so that a fundamental set of online marketing standards could be established and used as a base for future tasks. Nevertheless, this internal team became so effective – and so overloaded – that Unitec had to review its strategy. More could be achieved by collaborating with and leveraging on the knowledge of an external digital marketing agency.

To bolster their online grocery store arm, they have to drive more people to their online stores. In order this to be possible, it’d need to go past its dependence on tested and proven traditional marketing means. Unitec turned to one of the most common and cost effective methods in a digital marketer’s arsenal, content marketing.

A special Gourmet button was added to their online store which redirected users to a “Unitec Gourmet” website. Food-related info such recipes, articles, life inspiring examples and well-being trivia were discussed openly on this site.


The informative microsite proves that the new Unitec approach places an emphasis on quality website design and development because it by alone can exist as a valuable online resource for individuals hunting for food. Also, this microsite is closely integrated with Unitec’s primary e-store, which reinforces the association between it and the brand. Individuals are less inclined to visit other web stores when Unitec’s is just a click away from Real Food.

Another element that was used in their overall plan was social media marketing. There wasn’t a requirement for an external social media agency as they had adequate manpower to take care of the very first project on their own. Their very first step was to set up official pages for the more widely used social media channels like Facebook and Google. Being in complete control over their social media reports allows Unitec to supply well timed messages of its latest offerings. In this mode, customers always get the most recent info on the exciting in store promotions.

Next, it gives them greater control over their brand and picture online. A dilemma arises when a customer or even a competitor establishes an unofficial social media existence under their name. With absolutely no control over what is being circulated by these third parties, one can expect to have some majorly detrimental impacts. An in-house social media team would not permit such actions to happen if they were in charge. With information flowing directly from the official source, Unitec will not have to be bothered about what exactly is being disseminated online.

Customer support does play probably the most critical function in improving customer loyalty. The way that a customer views a company is greatly dependent on how the latter leaves support to the former. Unitec supplies an ideal example for others to follow. To illustrate this, Unitec created a social media profile simply to manage customer complaints exclusively. The simple access to Unitec allows customers to voice any problems in one location so as not to water down the objects of information in other channels.


At the end of the day, customers of any company want to feel valued; the initial step to accomplishing this is to have a “live” man speaking to them and handling their difficulties, rather than pre-written responses which farther space the business and its customers. A friendly conduct brings character to a brand and cultivates a feel good experience – prompting potential future sales.

Unitec’s strategy in digital marketing is benefiting them greatly as they currently control the biggest share of grocers in Singapore. With reference to several data companies, Unitec has control over almost a third of the market as of last July. This would be nearly double the share of the second biggest market company that now commands less than a fifth.

What is Unitec’s Future Going to Be Like?
Unitec’s future is certainly bright and it’s likely to get even brighter as they broaden their online marketing strategy. They will reap the benefits of their investments into technology – purportedly launching a Unitec mobile app anytime soon. By just breaking the barriers that limit website development, this app has even greater potential to reach a massive group of consumers.

Unitec’s case offers many lessons. To begin with, it’s not possible to be fully assured of your standing in a industry, especially in the digital era. Credits to progress in digital marketing and social media marketing, vibrant new enterprises are very effective at capturing a vast number of market share from sedentary business titans. Unitec has shown that even a big, established company like itself must carry on innovating and use the most recent technology to survive. To remain competitive, businesses want digital media to just survive in the cut throat businesses they are operating in.