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Future-proofing Your Company for the 21st Century

A bulk of companies within Singapore are unable to completely grasp the dynamism of the net upon the day-to-day lives of its customers. Because of the fact the web permits users to access products and services in a much more straightforward manner, these businesses often get left behind in the long term. They were unable to employ this new medium to expand their company.

Here’s Some Context to Ola
Bigger businesses with deep-rooted advertising processes are generally more hesitant in adopting the move to online media. There was in fact a case a while back concerning one of such corporations that had been making a loss on an hourly basis. However, they took a daring step towards digital marketing and managed to turn their fortunes around. The name of this organization: Ola. With little or no competitors in the industry, Ola once stood as a main contender in the grocery market. Their stores were commonly seen in virtually every key neighbourhood, challenged only by little family run stores. However, in January 2009, Ola was in tremendous trouble.

First dilemmas appeared with a costly business restructuring program that was put into motion by a recently hired Chief Executive Officer. This was kickstarted when Ola failed to secure a hold on the European and Asian marketplaces. An additional barrier is the understanding that local out-of-town shopping malls were losing their popularity. The largest challenge comes from the rise of competitors Vyco and Biradia. These business newbies were more digitally inclined with refreshing marketing ideas. They were able to increase their market share by aiming for highly specialized sections of the business. German owned Vyco attracted the cost aware group of customers whilst the brand conscious bunch were mostly brought towards Biradia.

Ola’s advantages at that point include market presence and brand equity. This acknowledgement extended their shelf life but did not help them sustain investor loyalty or total patronage. During year 2010, Ola’s net earnings had fell by a tenth and their largest shareholders publicly admitted that their substantial investment in the FMCG corporation was a “huge mistake” which cost them nearly 680 million within a year. The newly engaged CEO believed steadfastly in employing digital innovation to remodel a business; that was the main reason why he was hired. Even though Ola’s web store back then was working perfect, the evolving times demanded a completely new approach to managing this on-line presence.

Assembling an Internal Online Marketing Team
Their first approach was to assemble their own in house online marketing agency by using a technology incubator that trains young tech marketers. They were looking to harvest the talents of these budding internet marketers as an alternative to a digital agency like Yoursite Singapore.

Ola had to improve sales on its online store. In order this to be possible, it would have to move past its reliance on tested and proven traditional advertising means. Relying on a surefire instrument, Ola’s marketing department decided to make use of the profitable approach known as branded content marketing. A specific Eats! link was included within their online store which brought users to a “Ola Eats!” website. The website contains food-related content like recipes, inspirational articles, and wellness-related posts that pertain to food.

Essentially, Ola uses the microsite to strategically and casually disseminate relevant advice to would-be customers. That said, it’s also really simple for consumers to proceed to the online store, as hyperlinks to it are abound. This website design and development strategy (incorporating good UI and UX) supports customers to shop at Ola’s e-commerce store, since it discreetly links Ola with wholesome food. The strategy employed here relies upon a fundamental consumer mindset of wanting immediate results. Such a strategy surely increases the chance that a shopper will buy from Ola’s online shop.

online purchase

Launching a Campaign on Social Media
Apart from the microsite, Ola used another tool within its internet marketing campaign: marketing through social media. By the sheer scale of the business, Ola was able to have an inhouse team to run this element of the campaign directly, bypassing the need for a professional social media agency. To kick off the campaign they signed up for their own official accounts on websites such as Instagram and Google. Being in total control over their social media accounts allows Ola to deliver regular updates of its latest offerings. Such efficacy basically means that users are consistently up to date on the newest deals and news.

Second, it empowers them to continue refining their online brand image. In this aspect, it is too easy for one’s on-line brand image to be smeared by an irate customer or a competition – this is done by setting up a bogus account, typically driven by malicious purposes. As they had no control over these third-party accounts, it was easy for their standing to get ruined in any event the owner posted images that would be detrimental to the company. With an in house social media agency, all info would be thoroughly checked and controlled. With information flowing directly from the official source, Ola will not need to be bothered about what is being disseminated online.

online communication

Building Superb Online Support
Customers and sales are definitely the backbone of any company. The importance of after-sales support is constantly overlooked in its function of fortifying brand loyalty. Superb post-sales support helps to create opportunities for loyalty to the brand and repeat purchases, as studies have always shown. This is where Ola really beams.

To illustrate this, Ola created a social media profile just to handle customer complaints only. The easy accessibility to Ola allows customers to voice their queries in a single location so as not to water down the goals of messages in other places. Ola also ensured that the team members in charge of the customer support accounts offer a human touch whenever they connect with customers. Users feel more confident of the brand when the answers are genuine and personalized in contrast to cold computer generated replies.

Ola is now reaping the rewards of a highly effective strategy in digital marketing by controlling the largest segment of the grocery marketplace industry. Based on data from numerous sources, Ola now commands about 30% of the marketplace. The closest challenger was not even close, only managing to get hold of about 50% of that. Ola’s future is certainly bright and it’s sure to get even more glowing as they look to enhance their online marketing strategy. The in-house development team are actively pushing out mobile programs which will extend Ola’s reach to more people. By simply breaking the hurdles that restrict the designing and developing of a website, this application has far greater potential to reach out to a widespread group of consumers.


The Summary
A good example can made of Ola. It truly is no longer a given to depend solely on branding and retail to achieve success. Businesses must utilize digital marketing and social media marketing to proactively connect with customers and establish a foothold in the digital age. Regardless of the industry, companies must evolve with the landscape. Embracing technology is, without a doubt, an important way of achieving success in our little country. It has grown into a basic prerequisite which plays such prominent part that it could decide whether or not a company survives or fails.

Rescue Your Business with an Online Presence

The speed that the web was adopted by the masses coupled by its effect on their lives simply meant that a large number of businesses were caught off guard. Many companies in Singapore found themselves being crushed by the pressure to compete against more digitally inclined startups along with the problem of changing their marketing plans to an unfamiliar medium.

Firms that were able to take full advantage of digital marketing got the best benefit. Their customer base expanded, and was made up of customers more compelled to provide repeat business. Digital marketing has demonstrated itself to be a formidable instrument for businesses. There are instances in which failing enterprises have been saved from closing through a comprehensive and expertly planned effort skillfully carried out by a digital agency. One particular instance is with the multi national grocery chain Embric.

A giant within the Singaporean Consumer Goods marketplace, Embric was recognized as one of many biggest and most reputable grocers with reasonable popularity. The supermarket chain had stores in nearly every town and had little or no competition aside from small markets. But when mid 2014 arrived, Embric found itself struggling for several things.

Initial problems appeared with an expensive company restructuring plan that was put into motion by a just hired CEO. Embric needed a brand new one as it was unsuccessful in developing international markets.

An added stumbling block is the understanding that local out of town malls were shedding their popularity. The largest challenge stems from the rise of challengers Sypre and Olcor. These two adversaries embraced technology to a fantastic extent. They competed head on with Embric by targeting market segments which Embric had ignored utilizing a variety of innovative internet marketing processes. Consumers who are on a budget head to the German discounters Sypre while those who favor superior quality brands gravitate more towards Olcor.

Consumer Behavior Shift

There was also a notable shift in the behaviors of consumers, where cost preceded brand loyalty. Embric’s strong track record was threatened – resulting in turmoil amongst their high profile investors. To put the situation into perspective, Embric’s gains dropped by a tenth – a guaranteed method of getting investors worried.

Embric’s newly appointed Chief Executive during that time was a proponent of internet technology and his hiring was part of an internal decision to improve their on-line presence.The fast growing levels of competition faced by Embric meant that relying only on its online shop would simply not be enough.

The new Chief Executive initiated the rejuvenation process by assembling an internal digital marketing team. The goal was to standardize the various aspects that formed Embric’s digital marketing plan to create a powerful unified message. Even so, sticking to the guidelines of the strategy had restrictions for the in house team. It came to the decision that engaging a marketing agency with capabilities in digital media was critical in sustaining its on-line effort.

“Green Grocery” Microsite


Because of the effectiveness of tapping on digital media, budgets for conventional advertising were slashed with time and allocated there. A priority at hand was to boost profits from their online retail outlet. This was attained by making use of branded content to raise online traffic and engagement so increasing sales figures.

A special Recipes button was included within their online grocery store which sent users to a “Green Grocery” website. Write-ups for example recipes, food preparation techniques, wellness posts and inspiring stories filled the pages of the Real Food site.

The microsite demonstrates that by engaging in quality website design and development, they are able to be a genuine asset to shoppers. The microsite’s affiliation to Embric also raises confidence in the brand while subtly encouraging more online sales. They are increasing the chance for users to move from the sub-site to Embric’s main online store instead of a challenger’s online grocery store.

Spreading the Word with Social Media

Aside from the microsite, Embric used another tool within its digital marketing plan: marketing through social media. By the sheer scale of the company, Embric managed to have an inhouse department to execute this component of the campaign directly, circumventing the need for a professional social media agency. Their first step was to establish official profiles on the more popular social networking websites like Facebook and Google.

Internal control over social media translated to unobstructed transitions from concepts to campaigns or promos. Such efficacy inevitably means that users are constantly up to speed on the most recent promotions and news. Since Embric had total control over the social media profiles, it would have the ability to apply its control over the accuracy of information. Competitions could readily and discreetly create a fake account to spread false news about Embric and misrepresent its products. By having absolute control over its accounts, Embric could be counted on to supply confirmed info through the genuine social channels.

Speaking of establishing a connection with customers, the most significant channel is after sales support. The public’s overall view can be enormously influenced by the quality of their customer service division. Embric provides an ideal template for other companies to follow.

For instance, Embric created multiple accounts, each designed to do a different task. The easy accessibility to Embric enables customers to voice any issues in one place so as not to water down the goals of information in other channels. Special coaching is offered towards the Embric Customer Care staff on the best approaches to interact with consumers. A happy and practical method is encouraged while staying helpful and resolving issues fast. Customers are more likely to trust Embric’s support as they believe there’s another man behind the account rather than an automated responder.

The revamping of its digital marketing strategy proved to be exceptionally beneficial to Embric. With reference to various data companies, Embric has control over almost a third of the market as of last July. This would be nearly double the share of the second biggest market enterprise that currently commands around fifth.

Embric’s Successful Digital Strategy

This highly impressive result will only further solidify Embric’s faith in a digital strategy. Embric’s investment in technology such as the creation of an innovative mobile app will just increase the avenues to which consumers can get in touch with Embric. Virtually any company can benefit from Embric’s example. It is no longer a given to rely purely on branding and retail to ensure success. Undeniably, any business that seeks to be current and dynamic in the digital era requires a quality digital strategy.

Also, businesses can’t depend purely upon the existing business practices in this day and age. Creating and sustaining a quality on-line presence is now crucial to any company in Singapore.

Its existence within a business and ability to turn a company around like Embric is established and well-documented; any business expecting to survive must have digital media as part of its corporate strategy.

Marketing Strategies for the Digital Age

A bulk of Singaporean businesses cannot truly understand the dynamism of the net upon the everyday lives of its customers. As it becomes easier, more economical and faster by the day to access the web for advice, goods and services, these firms fall behind even farther. They are struggling to take advantage of this trend to expand their marketing reach and preserve a lasting advantage in the industry.

Implementations of digital media is in many cases more challenging for larger firms that already comfortably participate in conventional procedures. Recently, there was a situation in which a big corporation was suffering from enormous losses owing to a number of factors. Luckily enough, they daringly resorted to internet marketing so as to spare themselves from bankruptcy. This business is none aside from Unitec.

Unitec Once Held a Monopoly
With little or no competitors in the marketplace, Unitec once existed as a main player in the Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) market. Their shops were usually seen in virtually every key community, challenged only by little family run shops. But when March of 2010 rolled around, Unitec realized that it was fighting for certain reasons. A new CEO was appointed when the previous CEO tried and failed to introduce Unitec into international markets. Due to the employing of any top executive, numerous practices and processes needed revision. The restructuring process raked up some bills that compromised Unitec’s fiscal standing.

Moreover, the false notion that out-of-town shopping areas were losing popularity came into play. The biggest challenge stems from the rise of adversaries Valantir and Zenmix. These upstart retail chains are savvy with newer advertising locations. These people successfully took control of a niche target audience consequently gaining a foothold in the market. No matter whether a shopper was budget or quality aware, there was bound to be an appropriate retailer somewhere around to satisfy his or her requirements. Changes in general the way consumers behaved also meant that price points trumped repeat purchases caused by brand devotion. This particular development caused tension among Unitec’s key shareholders when their monetary stronghold began failing. A noticeable decrease of a tenth in profits triggered alarm bells to go off within the business.

The Appointing of a Technology Savvy Leader
Unitec’s new Chief Executive Officer at the time was a proponent of technological innovation and his appointment was part of the board’s decision to improve their on-line existence. Despite having a completely functional e-commerce store in place, they had to step up their game.

To kickstart the strategy, an in house digital marketing team was assembled by the new CEO. This was done so that a fundamental set of online marketing standards could be established and used as a base for future tasks. Nevertheless, this internal team became so effective – and so overloaded – that Unitec had to review its strategy. More could be achieved by collaborating with and leveraging on the knowledge of an external digital marketing agency.

To bolster their online grocery store arm, they have to drive more people to their online stores. In order this to be possible, it’d need to go past its dependence on tested and proven traditional marketing means. Unitec turned to one of the most common and cost effective methods in a digital marketer’s arsenal, content marketing.

A special Gourmet button was added to their online store which redirected users to a “Unitec Gourmet” website. Food-related info such recipes, articles, life inspiring examples and well-being trivia were discussed openly on this site.


The informative microsite proves that the new Unitec approach places an emphasis on quality website design and development because it by alone can exist as a valuable online resource for individuals hunting for food. Also, this microsite is closely integrated with Unitec’s primary e-store, which reinforces the association between it and the brand. Individuals are less inclined to visit other web stores when Unitec’s is just a click away from Real Food.

Another element that was used in their overall plan was social media marketing. There wasn’t a requirement for an external social media agency as they had adequate manpower to take care of the very first project on their own. Their very first step was to set up official pages for the more widely used social media channels like Facebook and Google. Being in complete control over their social media reports allows Unitec to supply well timed messages of its latest offerings. In this mode, customers always get the most recent info on the exciting in store promotions.

Next, it gives them greater control over their brand and picture online. A dilemma arises when a customer or even a competitor establishes an unofficial social media existence under their name. With absolutely no control over what is being circulated by these third parties, one can expect to have some majorly detrimental impacts. An in-house social media team would not permit such actions to happen if they were in charge. With information flowing directly from the official source, Unitec will not have to be bothered about what exactly is being disseminated online.

Customer support does play probably the most critical function in improving customer loyalty. The way that a customer views a company is greatly dependent on how the latter leaves support to the former. Unitec supplies an ideal example for others to follow. To illustrate this, Unitec created a social media profile simply to manage customer complaints exclusively. The simple access to Unitec allows customers to voice any problems in one location so as not to water down the objects of information in other channels.


At the end of the day, customers of any company want to feel valued; the initial step to accomplishing this is to have a “live” man speaking to them and handling their difficulties, rather than pre-written responses which farther space the business and its customers. A friendly conduct brings character to a brand and cultivates a feel good experience – prompting potential future sales.

Unitec’s strategy in digital marketing is benefiting them greatly as they currently control the biggest share of grocers in Singapore. With reference to several data companies, Unitec has control over almost a third of the market as of last July. This would be nearly double the share of the second biggest market company that now commands less than a fifth.

What is Unitec’s Future Going to Be Like?
Unitec’s future is certainly bright and it’s likely to get even brighter as they broaden their online marketing strategy. They will reap the benefits of their investments into technology – purportedly launching a Unitec mobile app anytime soon. By just breaking the barriers that limit website development, this app has even greater potential to reach a massive group of consumers.

Unitec’s case offers many lessons. To begin with, it’s not possible to be fully assured of your standing in a industry, especially in the digital era. Credits to progress in digital marketing and social media marketing, vibrant new enterprises are very effective at capturing a vast number of market share from sedentary business titans. Unitec has shown that even a big, established company like itself must carry on innovating and use the most recent technology to survive. To remain competitive, businesses want digital media to just survive in the cut throat businesses they are operating in.

Riding on the Digital Media Revolution


The rapid rise of the Web together with the varied day-to-day uses have resulted in many sectors being caught off-guard. They didn’t have digital media as part of their marketing strategies and had a difficult time leveling the playing field with businesses that were far more able in such an aspect.They may be facing the grave scenario of changing their marketing and advertising strategies to contend with more digitally savvy businesses.

Bigger firms with deep rooted advertising procedures have a tendency to be more hesitant in embracing the shift to online media. There was in fact a case not too long back concerning one of such corporations that had been making a loss on an hourly basis. It’s great to understand though that they explored their online marketing alternatives to avoid further ruin. The business being referred to is household brand name, Bruno. A key player within the Singaporean FMCG marketplace, Bruno was regarded as among the biggest and most reliable supermarkets with decent popularity. Their shops were generally found in virtually every major community, challenged only by small family run stores. Yet in 2015, Bruno’s dominance took an unexpected turn.

The initial bump in the road emerged with the excessive expenditures brought on by the new CEO’s restructuring plan. This was the result of a failed effort to expand their reach across Europe and the Middle East.


Competition was Intensifying in the Industry
Furthermore, the problem was aggravated by new market adversaries Knewton and Ventura. These two companies realized that Bruno was not serving the whole market; function or neglected sections existed that could be easily used for gains. In addition to fighting it out on the retail floor, marketing through a variety of digital channels became an essential part of their arsenal of weapons which greatly leveled the playing field when it came to competing with the established companies in cyberspace.

At that time, Bruno’s advantage was in its substantial physical coverage and a fantastic track record. Unfortunately, these intrinsic worth eventually did not prevent falls in sales and investments. By early 2016, Bruno’s profits had plunged by 25% and their high profile investors freely admitted that their considerable investment in the grocery chain was a “huge blunder” which resulted in them over $715m in a year’s time. The way in which a Digital Marketing Campaign Effectively Revived Bruno
Formerly, Bruno’s online presence was limited to an e-commerce website. It was completely working and usable, but the changing competitive landscape meant that radical changes to it was required; the new CEO, who was a powerful advocate of technology, was appointed exactly for this task – to revamp and invigorate Bruno’s on-line presence.

The initial course of action was to establish an in-house agency specializing in digital marketing by hiring advanced technology driven online marketers. Bruno expected they could tap on the abilities of these future tech specialists as a proxy digital agency. In the era of intensifying rivalry and budget cuts, companies are forced to produce more with less. To meet investor expectations, Bruno decided on something different – content marketing – to capture online store sales quickly.

Creation of a “Cooked Food” Microsite
Bruno additionally drives content marketing by having a “Cooked Food” link in the main menu, which users can get from its online store. This microsite was dedicated entirely to helping consumers eat and live more healthily. Essentially, Bruno uses the microsite to efficiently disseminate relevant information to would-be customers. Needless to say, customers can visit Bruno’s main website anytime, as there are numerous URL links to it. By not having any sales pitch on the microsite, it can help to deliver a message that Bruno truly wants its shoppers to adopt a healthy lifestyle. When the design of a website is performed correctly, it makes it very suitable for online shoppers to get to where they want, fast. Bruno’s approach offers simple convenience, decreasing the likelihood of shoppers being drawn away by other online grocery stores.

An additional element within the internet marketing campaign approach was advertising through social media. As the business was large enough, they did not want the services of a third party marketing agency specializing in social media. Their initial step was to create official profiles on the more well known social media avenues such as Twtter, Instagram and Pinterest. Internal management of these social media channels allowed Bruno to create and broadcast advertising messages in a rapid and direct mode. Additionally, it meant that consumers obtained up to date and pertinent information directly from Bruno.

Since Bruno commanded the social media accounts, it’d be able to use its control over the correctness of advice. It’d be really easy for someone to launch a fake page and taint Bruno’s brand image with fictitious advice. By having full control over its accounts, Bruno could be counted on to supply confirmed info through the legitimate social channels.

Customers and sales are undoubtedly the spine of any business. The importance of after-sales support is frequently overlooked in its ability to strengthening loyalty to the brand. Reacting to customer concerns and working collectively to solve the dilemma is an essential part of improving loyalty to the brand thus securing repeat purchases. Bruno really illustrates this good business practice.

Multiple Social Media Accounts, Each With a Different Purpose
To avert a crossover in communications, Bruno set up a number of social media accounts – each with a particular program in mind. There was one account especially to respond to customer questions and comments and another to disseminate helpful info including offers and promos.

Whatever the business, its customers would undoubtedly prefer to speak to actual person, than to browse through a web of pre-programmed answers only to have their issues unsolved. A firm which is viewed as being customer-oriented and proactive in resolving dilemmas would result in customers in general to shell out more with it than at competing retailers. The Chief Executive’s efforts paid off; as reported by various sources, Bruno has secured a market share of around 29%, almost 16 percentage points in front of the next closest opponent. This distinct shift in the company direction was warmly welcomed by the top management and shareholders.

These benefits certainly inspired Bruno to plan for their future success by fine-tuning their digital marketing strategy. With the addition of a brand new iphone app, engagement between company and consumer can be increased far beyond the typical means such as web design and development.

The Lessons Learnt
Many companies can learn from Bruno. No matter how enormous, one cannot expect its existing dominance to carry on making an impact and bringing success. Certainly, any company that desires to remain competitive in the digital age needs to have a quality digital strategy. Hence, it truly is no longer an alternative on whether you desire to leverage on digital technology for advertising in Singapore today. By forgoing it, a business’s share of the market can very effortlessly be seized by the more digitally savvy challengers.

Moving into an Online Marketing Era

In Singapore, most companies didn’t understand the heavy sway the internet has on individuals. These companies fell back farther as web use hastened due to greater availability and lower prices. They were unable to use this new medium to enlarge their business. There are numerous examples where large companies became successful due to this and used internet marketing. Selecting EcoScope as a good example, we’ve seen how a great old fashioned grocery store chain reworked its entire future through digital marketing. By exploiting on a digital media platform, they are able expand beyond their actual retail places and to provide 24/7 services.

Later, in a turn of events, EcoScope ran into unprecedented challenges that endangered its existence in the market.

First predicaments appeared with a costly company restructuring strategy that was put into motion by a recently hired Chief Executive.

Shifts in the way in which consumers acted also meant that low costs trumped brand faithfulness was due to by repeat purchases. Their spending was reduced by customers at the supermarket chain, which decline was quite different in its records. Enormous alarm was caused by a noticeable drop of ten percent in gains within the company.

EcoScope soon became a casualty of Murphy’s law, where if things could make a mistake, they had. Among the firms quickly capitalized upon almost any little chance that appeared in the marketplace.

Raising On-line Existence

Formerly, EcoScope’s on-line existence was restricted to an ecommerce web site. However, this is definitely not okay.

The preponderance of social media meant that risk being left behind or EcoScope had to make complete use of it also.

Essential direction of these media outlets that were social let EcoScope carry and to create marketing messages in a mode that was speedy and direct. Additionally, it meant that customers got up to date and important information directly.

The revamp is kicked off by the recently appointed CEO by creating an inhouse digital marketing team. The aim was to make sure all components standardized, of EcoScope’s strategy in internet marketing were synchronized and fortified. However, an internal team had not been able to achieve consequences that are optimum spontaneously.

In the climate competition is formidable and where financing are limited, businesses are anticipated to optimize using any cash they had. EcoScope used as the primary tool appease their investors and to raise estore gains on content marketing.

An educational microsite that was linked to the EcoScope online store was being developed by a component of the content marketing strategy. They are sent by this tablature to “Eco Eating”, which will be a site focused on sharing some info that is really exclusive: inspirational content and delicious recipes to encourage healthful eating.

Basically, EcoScope uses the microsite to casually and strategically disseminate relevant guidance to would be customers. Additionally, it acts as a portal to EcoScope’s ecommerce store. The principal thought behind this strategy tends upon typical consumer behavior that revolves around immediate gratification. This kind of strategy clearly raises the chance that the customer will purchase from EcoScope’s online shop.

The second manner is that EcoScope can keep greater sway online. In this aspect, it is not too difficult for one’s on-line brand image to be smeared a competition or by an irate customer – this is done by establishing a fake account, usually driven by objects that are malicious. Since they’d zero influence over these third party accounts, it was easy for his or her standing to get damaged in any event images that would be harmful to the company were posted by the owner. An internal social media team wouldn’t permit such activities to occur under their watch. It would then give no reason to not see official courses for the proper advice, and save EcoScope the problem of having to restrict the damage to customers.

Customer Centric Strategy

Customer attention is critical in strengthening customer relationships. A customer finds the latter leaves support to the former greatly determines a company.

As a demonstration of the value EcoScope positions on online after sales support, they give a social networking that is different account to handle criticisms and user questions. This actually helped to ensure customers have an effective route to direct their responses, without needing to be encumbered by unrelated messages while other customers can shop easily.

This shift towards depicting itself as corporate help since they’ve been going to believe an actual man would be vested in solving their issues in bringing customers closer.

Various sources shown that digital marketing strategy paid off hugely was nicely do by EcoScope’s. The supporting shift in market command was definitely something.

EcoScope’s future is definitely bright and it’s certain as they try to widen their strategy in advertising through digital media to get even more luminous. These plans should help them reach an even broader audience outside of what the normal website design and development will bring.

EcoScope’s scenario leaves behind many lessons that are vital. Firstly, all organizations significantly impacts, regardless of how created they might be. As an effect of the mass adoption of digital media, recently opened businesses which might be educated in these regions can surprisingly snatch market share away from your well recognized businesses.

If the lack of a web-based existence easily crippled an industry giant like EcoScope, visualize the consequences for a smaller company.

Why Digital Marketing?

Most local Singaporean businesses are not able to completely understand the dynamism of the internet upon the daily lives of its consumers. These firms fell back farther as web adoption hastened as an effect of greater availability and lower expenses. They’re unable to take advantage of the tendency to expand their communicating maintain and reach an enduring edge in the market.

Big organizations could not go to digital media quickly and had unbelievable inertia. One organization was experiencing tremendous loss in market share.

Optihive – with its numerous shops and low risk that is competitive – was a marketplace leader in the FMCG sector. Lately, as an effect of unforeseen states, Optihive’s dominance in the market is shaken.



Another component that has been used within their entire strategy was promotion through social media. As the business was not small enough, they didn’t need help from a third party advertising service specializing in media that is social. It kickstarted this strategy of creating their individual official social networking accounts with the simple but vital job.

Being in complete control of their social media reports enables timely news to be supplied by Optihive about its offerings. Such unbelievable rate to market meant that customers were constantly exposed to the latest offerings from Optihive.

It’d be effortless for an outside third party to create taint Optihive’s brand image and a bogus page with info that is bogus. The growth of an official report instantly prevents functions and this threat as a dependable means to get information. Customer support occurs to play with quite possibly the most crucial part in raising customer religion in the brand. Just how that a company is viewed by a customer is substantially determined by how support is left by the latter to the former. Optihive’s strategies are an excellent model.

In comparison to other companies that just have one single social media account to manage promotional offerings and criticisms, Optihive has gone one step further to setup exceptional accounts for each. There was one account particularly to another and replies and amuse customer questions to disseminate information that is helpful for promos and example offers.

A helpful and natural strategy develops assurance and links in the brand, quite not the same as the responses that are cool by an automated bot.

The supporting transfer of market command was definitely something to boast around to investors. With its new marketing strategy that is digital, Optihive’s future looks to some one that is cozy. Investments in technology will definitely be rewarding as their tech people are apparently hard at work on creating a chain of Optihive programs that are mobile. These programs should help them reach an even broader audience outside of traditional layout and development of a web site.

You will find plenty of takeaways in Optihive’s case. The digital age significantly impacts all organizations, aside from how created they might be, to start with. As a result of improvement in social and digital media marketing, dynamic ventures that are new are extremely good at getting a vast number of company from sector titans that are sedentary.

What was the Issue with Optihive?

With the failure to achieve market dominance Optihive determined to make a brand new Chief Executive. With the using of any top executive, procedures and rather several corporate practices needed revising. This had an undesired impact on its financial state and meant tremendous costs.

The recently hired CEO extremely urged hiring staff to increase their web existence was so supported by the use of technology. The fast growing rivalry that Optihive coped with meant that depending only on its online store would just not do.

The conflict for a share of the marketplace was growing within the sector. Startups with wide ranging expertise were appearing from time to time. In those days, the border of Optihive was in an excellent standing and its large physical coverage. Their shelf life was expanded by this acknowledgement but didn’t help them preserve complete patronage or investor faithfulness. As the shortfalls of Optihive were only growing, monetary backers started to get worried available in the last year.

Optihive saw the demand to bring in an electronic advertising agency to look as the job progressed and prospered after their on-line position. After evaluating numerous associates that were potential, they reached a conclusion.

Getting the Word Out through Content Marketing

Optihive needed to improve its online store sales immediately. A precedence at hand was to enhance gains from their online retail outlet. Advertising via branded content was chosen as the approach to take to increase involvement and website traffic, thus resulting in more sales.

Its introduction empowered Optihive to soft sell itself by being helpful and educational to the customer. The intelligent manner by which this miniature website was crafted a healthful lifestyle and smartly links Optihive to wellness, thus driving ecommerce gains with the appropriate crowd. The essence of this strategy leverages on the way consumers act now: they are not patient and need effects that are quick, visible. Because Optihive has caused it to be so simple for shoppers to purchase from it, there is no or little trouble from getting them to accomplish that.

This link brings them to “Optihive’s Clean Lifestyle”, which can be a site focused on sharing some rather exclusive content: inspirational posts and recipes to encourage nutritious.