Rescue Your Business with an Online Presence

The speed that the web was adopted by the masses coupled by its effect on their lives simply meant that a large number of businesses were caught off guard. Many companies in Singapore found themselves being crushed by the pressure to compete against more digitally inclined startups along with the problem of changing their marketing plans to an unfamiliar medium.

Firms that were able to take full advantage of digital marketing got the best benefit. Their customer base expanded, and was made up of customers more compelled to provide repeat business. Digital marketing has demonstrated itself to be a formidable instrument for businesses. There are instances in which failing enterprises have been saved from closing through a comprehensive and expertly planned effort skillfully carried out by a digital agency. One particular instance is with the multi national grocery chain Embric.

A giant within the Singaporean Consumer Goods marketplace, Embric was recognized as one of many biggest and most reputable grocers with reasonable popularity. The supermarket chain had stores in nearly every town and had little or no competition aside from small markets. But when mid 2014 arrived, Embric found itself struggling for several things.

Initial problems appeared with an expensive company restructuring plan that was put into motion by a just hired CEO. Embric needed a brand new one as it was unsuccessful in developing international markets.

An added stumbling block is the understanding that local out of town malls were shedding their popularity. The largest challenge stems from the rise of challengers Sypre and Olcor. These two adversaries embraced technology to a fantastic extent. They competed head on with Embric by targeting market segments which Embric had ignored utilizing a variety of innovative internet marketing processes. Consumers who are on a budget head to the German discounters Sypre while those who favor superior quality brands gravitate more towards Olcor.

Consumer Behavior Shift

There was also a notable shift in the behaviors of consumers, where cost preceded brand loyalty. Embric’s strong track record was threatened – resulting in turmoil amongst their high profile investors. To put the situation into perspective, Embric’s gains dropped by a tenth – a guaranteed method of getting investors worried.

Embric’s newly appointed Chief Executive during that time was a proponent of internet technology and his hiring was part of an internal decision to improve their on-line presence.The fast growing levels of competition faced by Embric meant that relying only on its online shop would simply not be enough.

The new Chief Executive initiated the rejuvenation process by assembling an internal digital marketing team. The goal was to standardize the various aspects that formed Embric’s digital marketing plan to create a powerful unified message. Even so, sticking to the guidelines of the strategy had restrictions for the in house team. It came to the decision that engaging a marketing agency with capabilities in digital media was critical in sustaining its on-line effort.

“Green Grocery” Microsite


Because of the effectiveness of tapping on digital media, budgets for conventional advertising were slashed with time and allocated there. A priority at hand was to boost profits from their online retail outlet. This was attained by making use of branded content to raise online traffic and engagement so increasing sales figures.

A special Recipes button was included within their online grocery store which sent users to a “Green Grocery” website. Write-ups for example recipes, food preparation techniques, wellness posts and inspiring stories filled the pages of the Real Food site.

The microsite demonstrates that by engaging in quality website design and development, they are able to be a genuine asset to shoppers. The microsite’s affiliation to Embric also raises confidence in the brand while subtly encouraging more online sales. They are increasing the chance for users to move from the sub-site to Embric’s main online store instead of a challenger’s online grocery store.

Spreading the Word with Social Media

Aside from the microsite, Embric used another tool within its digital marketing plan: marketing through social media. By the sheer scale of the company, Embric managed to have an inhouse department to execute this component of the campaign directly, circumventing the need for a professional social media agency. Their first step was to establish official profiles on the more popular social networking websites like Facebook and Google.

Internal control over social media translated to unobstructed transitions from concepts to campaigns or promos. Such efficacy inevitably means that users are constantly up to speed on the most recent promotions and news. Since Embric had total control over the social media profiles, it would have the ability to apply its control over the accuracy of information. Competitions could readily and discreetly create a fake account to spread false news about Embric and misrepresent its products. By having absolute control over its accounts, Embric could be counted on to supply confirmed info through the genuine social channels.

Speaking of establishing a connection with customers, the most significant channel is after sales support. The public’s overall view can be enormously influenced by the quality of their customer service division. Embric provides an ideal template for other companies to follow.

For instance, Embric created multiple accounts, each designed to do a different task. The easy accessibility to Embric enables customers to voice any issues in one place so as not to water down the goals of information in other channels. Special coaching is offered towards the Embric Customer Care staff on the best approaches to interact with consumers. A happy and practical method is encouraged while staying helpful and resolving issues fast. Customers are more likely to trust Embric’s support as they believe there’s another man behind the account rather than an automated responder.

The revamping of its digital marketing strategy proved to be exceptionally beneficial to Embric. With reference to various data companies, Embric has control over almost a third of the market as of last July. This would be nearly double the share of the second biggest market enterprise that currently commands around fifth.

Embric’s Successful Digital Strategy

This highly impressive result will only further solidify Embric’s faith in a digital strategy. Embric’s investment in technology such as the creation of an innovative mobile app will just increase the avenues to which consumers can get in touch with Embric. Virtually any company can benefit from Embric’s example. It is no longer a given to rely purely on branding and retail to ensure success. Undeniably, any business that seeks to be current and dynamic in the digital era requires a quality digital strategy.

Also, businesses can’t depend purely upon the existing business practices in this day and age. Creating and sustaining a quality on-line presence is now crucial to any company in Singapore.

Its existence within a business and ability to turn a company around like Embric is established and well-documented; any business expecting to survive must have digital media as part of its corporate strategy.

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